Terms and Conditions

Effective from 12.3.2021 

Web Store 

Eurosec Oy (Business ID 1039419-7sells products to companies within Finland. Prices do not include VAT. We reserve the right to price and delivery cost changes. 

Placing an order 

Products are ordered in the online store by transferring them to the shopping cart and paying for the contents of the shopping cart at the online store’s checkout. The products are sold in sales batches, the size of which is determined according to each product. 

When ordering from the online store, you are required to read and commit to the delivery terms in force at the time. 

Eurosec Oy is not responsible for the fact that all products presented in the online store are available immediately. However, Eurosec Oy strives to ensure that the online store always displays up-to-date information about the products and their availability. Eurosec Oy reserves the right to change any products or services or to discontinue their manufacture without liability or separate notice. 

When ordering, a binding sales agreement is created when the customer has sent his order in the online store. In the order, the customer undertakes to purchase the products and services specified in his order in accordance with these terms. The customer is advised to check the contents of their order carefully before confirming the order. Eurosec Oy sends an order confirmation to the customer by e-mail using the contact information provided by the customer. Eurosec Oy reserves the right not to accept the order. 

The customer must check that the content of the confirmation corresponds to the order placed by the customer. 

Eurosec Oy reserves the right to cancel its order confirmation at any time before the customer has received the ordered products or services, if Eurosec Oy has a valid and legal reason for the cancellation. If Eurosec Oy cancels the order after sending the order confirmation and the customer has already paid for the order, Eurosec Oy will refund the payments corresponding to the cancellation without delay. 

Eurosec Oy is not responsible for the customer’s order not being received due to a malfunction of the data network or telecommunication connection. 

Communication takes place via e-mail. As a customer, you agree that all contracts, notices and other communications submitted in electronic form are as binding as communications submitted in writing. 


Product prices 

The prices of the EWQ web store are in euros (eur). Prices are without VAT (0% VAT). In the ordering phase, in addition to VAT (24%), a delivery fee is added to the prices so that the final price of the order is visible to the customer when the customer confirms the order in the online store. 

The price of the product is the price displayed on the EWQ web store page in connection with the product information at the time of ordering. Prices are valid until further notice or for a specified period. The prices of web store products and deliveries are updated at regular intervals. Eurosec Oy reserves the right to correct and revise prices due to technical or human errors. If incorrect price information has been provided in the online store, and the error is so clear that the customer should have understood the error in question (eg the price is exceptionally low compared to the actual price or general price level), Eurosec Oy is not obliged to sell the product at the wrong price. 


Paying for your order 

Paytrail Plc acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Paytrail Plc will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to. 


Paytrail Plc 

Innova 2 

Lutakonaukio 7 

40100 Jyväskylä 

Phone: +358 207 181 830 

Business ID 2122839-7 


Payment options 

Online Bank Payments 

You can pay for your order using any of the online payment buttons of Finnish banks. When you are using the online bank codes provided by your own bank and you want to pay for your purchase, you will be redirected for a while to your own online bank where you can pay for your order directly from your bank account. The recipient for the payment is Paytrail Plc, that is the payment service provider in our web store. 

Card Payments (Visa, Visa Electron, MastercardEurocard or American Express) and MobilePay 

Paying with a credit or debit card or MobilePay is always easy and safe in our web store. Card payments in our webstore are provided by Paytrail Plc in cooperation with NetsDuring the transaction, all card information will be handled through a secure connection.  

Order and payment confirmation 

After a successful order an order confirmation will be sent to your email. To be able to receive order and payment confirmation emails you are required to fill in your email address when placing an order. 


Eurosec Oy will deliver the sold products to the customer agreement with a third party on the basis of the contract of carriage. Delivery of orders is possible in Finland to addresses with a fixed road connection. Delivery costs are added to the order price. Delivery costs for each order can be seen in the web shop’s shopping cart function. 

Delivery time 

Our most common delivery times in Finland are 14 days, depending on the order and delivery method. Delivery time will be confirmed by email in the order confirmation. Eurosec Oy is not responsible for delays caused by force majeure or indirect inconveniences caused by delays. If Eurosec Oy has sent the order on time, but there is a disturbance in the delivery of the carrier, eg the delivery of mail is congested, Eurosec Oy is not responsible for the delay in delivery. 

If necessary, the order can be divided into several shipments. If the order is delivered in several batches, Eurosec Oy will charge the delivery costs only for one delivery batch. Eurosec Oy reserves the right not to deliver the order if the product or a replacement product is no longer available. The transaction will then be deemed canceled, and Eurosec Oy will return the payments received to the customer. In such cases, Eurosec Oy is in contact with the customer and agrees on measures. 

Eurosec Oy is not responsible if the delivery of the order is delayed or the order cannot be delivered due to the customer, such as because the customer has provided incorrect contact information or failed to notify a change in his or her contact information. 

Terms for product exchanges and returns 

Products ordered from the EWQ online store do not have a general right of exchange or return. As a rule, we do not sell our products to private individuals, but our customers are only companies. Consequently, the transaction can only be terminated in the event of a breach of contract or a material error between the parties. A material explanation of the material error must be included in the contract in order for the cancellation to be possible. Information on a material delivery error or error in the product must be reported to Eurosec Oy immediately upon delivery. 

Dismantling trade between companies is difficult because it requires very compelling reasons. For example, a momentary whim is not a reason to dismantle a trade. In case of problems, please contact our customer service (support@ewq.zone). 


Additional terms and service agreement for business customers 

Eurosec Oy is not liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or loss of income caused by the product and / or service. Eurosec Oy’s liability is always limited to the content of these terms and conditions. Liability for product defects is limited to the possible return of the purchase price less the operating benefit. 


The warranty period for equipment purchased for business use is determined in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty conditions, and the end of the warranty period terminates Eurosec Oy’s liability. Eurosec Oy offers its EWQ Queueless Services-equipment as a service for an additional fee with standard content or an extensive maintenance contract, for which more information can be obtained from Eurosec Oy’s customer service at support@ewq.zone. With the help of the service agreement, the customer guarantees the best service and the fastest response time in connection with the maintenance of the device, and continues to service and maintain the device even after the warranty period by paying a monthly fee to Eurosec Oy. 

Normally, physically opening the product to modify the device will void the warranty and the seller’s liability, unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer. 

Eurosec Oy reserves the right to direct corporate customers to deal directly with the manufacturer or a service center authorized by the manufacturer or to use its own service. Further information on maintenance and other services can be requested from Eurosec Oy’s customer service. 

Eurosec Oy is not obliged to fulfill the contract if it encounters a force majeure that it cannot reasonably overcome. Eurosec Oy is not obligated to compensate the customer for damage or costs caused to the customer in the event of force majeure, and is entitled to terminate the agreement. 

By submitting an order and / or a request for quotation, the customer unequivocally accepts Eurosec Oy’s terms and conditions. Any contract terms used by the customer will not be complied with if they are in conflict with Eurosec Oy’s contract terms. 


Changes to the Terms 

Eurosec Oy has the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. 


Customer service 

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the EWQ customer service by e-mail support@ewq.zone. The customer service of the EWQ online store is open on weekdays at. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.