EWQ Zone

One integration, one management, many solutions

The EWQ ZONE was specifically created to provide a convenient and effective way of communicating information and optimizing customer flow, while requiring the least effort by employees at their most convenient time.

It is a technology, a way of thinking and a physical area where devices, and through them people, are part of the ZONE. This means that customers receive information that drive sales up while employees have complete control of what information is displayed on digital screens including Electronic Shelf Labels and Digital Signage, while additionally being able to manage customer flows with Queue Management System.

EWQ Queueless Services

Free customers from queueing for shopping

Electronic shelf labels

Automatically updating and always accurate prices increase customer satisfaction

Digital Signage

The moving images of versatile displays guarantee high awareness for your message


The EWQ ZONE seamlessly combines Electronic Shelf Labels, Digital Signage and Queue Management so that the same information can be utilized on any of the connected digital screens. This unique approach gives a never-before seen way to only integrate once, to communicate and manage customer flow on several different technologies simultaneously, without having to care about how it works behind the visible devices.

Microservice Architecture

The EWQ ZONE is driven by a large set of microservices that were developed from scratch by EWQ. The technology was planned for over a year, by seasoned developers and businessmen with exceptionally strong and long experience, before even a line of code was written, or a drawing of hardware was done. This resulted in a microservice architecture that is completely unique and totally controlled and managed by EWQ. The benefits of the architecture include extreme flexibility, scalability, and high availability. The EWQ ZONE is constantly being improved in order to provide a constant flow of even smarter solutions to our customers while always utilizing cutting-edge technologies and communication devices/screens.


The EWQ ZONE can be connected to any other digital system to receive or provide data as necessary to provide the best customer experience and automate any repetitive tasks that may be needed by store employees.

Return On Investment

The top reasons to start using some or all parts of the EWQ ZONE are related to Return On Investment (ROI) and can be boiled down to these two simple facts: There are huge cost-savings as less time is spent on managing pricing labels and signage information, and there is better insight into which days more (or less) people are needed to serve customers. There will be an increased revenue & profit through better product communication and allowing for impulse purchases through utilizing the Queue Management System.


  • Higher satisfaction by customers, and thus more returning customers

  • Customers buying not only more, but buying products with better profit margins

  • Employees can focus on the important tasks instead of wasting time on repetitive and non-motivating tasks

  • Knowing that EWQ is constantly taking effort to stay at the cutting-edge of technologies and improving on the EWQ Zone allows you to focus on your business instead of worrying about the digital technologies.

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