EWQ Queueless Services

No more queueing

The EWQ Queueless Services is Finland’s leading solution for managing and analysing customer flow with over 20 years of experience. Offer your customers and staff a unique service environment where queue situations, customer calls and marketing messages are repeated throughout the store and even on mobile, thanks to the most modern solution of the industry.
If changing chaos and uncertainty for a clear queueing environment is something you want, we are ready to help. No matter what your needs, we can find the most suitable solution together. Our goal is to create the best possible experience for your customers.
Together we can free your customers from queues and raise customer satisfaction and sales to a whole new level!

EWQ Queueless Services

Free customers from queueing for shopping

Electronic shelf labels

Automatically updating and always accurate prices increase customer satisfaction

Digital Signage

The moving images of versatile displays guarantee high awareness for your message

No more queues

Your customers can watch for their turn on their own smart devices, freeing up time for additional purchases.

Increase sales

Ticket units’ touch screens and large queueing DS displays guarantee the best visibility for current marketing messages.

Boost performance

Improve the efficiency of your customer service and advertising by analysing customer data collected by the EWQ Queueless Services and by allocating resources to the right place at the right time.

Queueing is out

Why make your customers queue for service? Provide them with a stress-free experience instead. With the mobile-compatible EWQ Queueless Services, customers can register for service beforehand. They can then track their turn from their mobile devices and wait anywhere. When their turn comes, the call and the service point are displayed on the mobile device screen.

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Improve the customer experience

With the EWQ Queueless Services your customers can be certain that they will be served fairly, in the right order and in the right place. With no need to queue, customers can relax and do additional purchases while the in-store DS displays keep them updated on their turn. This service reduces the length of waiting time experienced while also having a positive impact on the customer experience, thus improving customer engagement.

A tool to help grow sales

In addition to freeing your customers from queues and allowing them to shop, the EWQ Queueless Services also provides the most visible surfaces for your advertising. By playing ad content on ticket unit touch screens and DS screens displaying queue numbers, you will achieve the highest visibility you could hope for. At the same time, you can provide clear guidance and thus improve the customer experience.

Enhance customer service

The EWQ Queueless Services prevents queues from forming and alleviates congestion at customer service points and checkouts. Customers will no longer have to stand in queues at service points, reducing the pressure on your staff and allowing them to focus on providing customers the best possible service. The EWQ Queueless Services also makes it possible to identify the customer’s needs before serving them, speeding up customer service time. The ticket machines offer a variety of predefined subgroups in menus that specify the customer’s service needs in advance.  

Queue status and customer calls on the go

Your staff is no longer tied to the service point, as real-time queue status can be checked on mobile devices. When the service point is not busy, employees can move onto other tasks, like shelving products. At the same time, they can monitor the queue on their phones and return to the service point as the number of customers increases. Customers can also be called directly from the phone, so there is no need for a computer or other devices that would take up desk space.

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Monitor and analyse customer behaviour

The EWQ Queueless Services collects information about both the number of customers and their waiting times. By following these, you can develop your customer service, allocate resources and target your marketing messages to the correct location at the right time. Reporting information can also be viewed for each employee separately.

Flexible implementations

The EWQ Queueless Services delivered pre-installed can run on multiple information networks simultaneously, allowing for flexible and versatile implementations. This enables, for example, displaying turn numbers on DS screens and making service calls, queueing and monitoring the queue from any mobile device. The EWQ Queueless Services is also easy to supplement as needed and can even be connected to your old EWQ system.

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Manage remotely, locally or centrally

With the EWQ Queueless Services you can easily control settings remotely – anywhere and anytime. Edit groups, schedule, and update as needed from one central place. You can also monitor and analyse queue situations and system-generated reports from the head office.

Finnish Key Flag product

The EWQ Queueless Services has been awarded the Finnish Key Flag symbol (Avainlippu), a reliable indicator of the product being produced domestically and responsibly. We care about offering our clients high-quality products that support Finnish manufacturing.


Customers do not commit only because of retail prices – the most meaningful factor is a successful customer experience. Stand out with the EWQ Queueless Services and offer your customers a unique service environment where queues, customer calls and marketing messages are repeated throughout the store and even on mobile, freeing your customers to do what you want: shopping.
Pharmacies & health care
The EWQ Queueless Services helps achieve safe services in a highly changing world. Mobile-based queueing increases social distances, reduces contacts with surfaces and prevents large groups of people from forming, as customers can wait outside or even in their own car. This helps make necessary and essential visits safer.
Hotels and restaurants
Restaurants are bound to be busy sometimes, forcing customers to wait to be seated. At worst, long waits can cause customers to pick another establishment. With the EWQ Queueless Services your customers can queue in advance from their phones and use the time spent waiting to do something more pleasant. Leaving customers with a positive image encourages them to return and recommend your restaurant to others.
Real estate, construction & public services
In busy and congested environments, it is essential to manage customer flow. Customers expect fair treatment, which the EWQ Queueless Services does by ensuring that everyone is served in turn. We have over two decades of experience collaborating with developers in various projects where functional customer flow management has been an important part of site planning.
Financial and insurance services
In environments requiring privacy, the EWQ Queueless Services guarantees each customer a personal service experience while facilitating the work of customer service agents and the correct allocation of personnel resources. The queue status and guide signs presented on digital displays also help reduce the length of queue time experienced.
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