Eurosec is now EWQ!

Our goal is to be our clients’ trusted growth partner, who makes their services that much more convenient. It is a matter of honour for us to provide the best service possible, so that our clients can become cutting edge providers in their own fields, and offer the best possible service to their end customers.

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Our Mission

We are a family-owned company, specialized in digital in-store communications and customer flow management. As an international service provider, we serve as a trendsetter in our field, helping customers increase their sales and profitability, with the help of our latest innovations and customer insight. We have delivered hundreds of thousands of displays to over a dozen countries, and our queue management systems are used by millions of people every day.

We offer an extensive range of solutions for businesses operating in different industries, as well as custom made solutions designed and executed according to customer specifcations. We design and deliver queue management systems and digital signage solutions, taking care of everything from system design to installation and user training. Easy content management, product compatibility, and customized design make our solutions the best on the market. Together, we can modernize and clarify the look of your office and facilitate the functionality of your services. Our solutions enable companies to increase their sales and save costs while building a positive image for end customers.