Digital Signage

Reach and influence at the right moment

Digital displays are already a familiar sight in stores, public spaces and office environments. The question is, how do you use them effectively? The solution lies behind the screen: simple content management, effective content, and timeliness. We can provide easy management, state-of-the-art technology, and the tools needed to display attention-grabbing content at the right time in the right place. Together, we can enhance your brand, strengthen your customers’ commitment, and increase your visitor numbers and sales.

Our solution is suitable for small stores as well as national chains regardless of the industry. We want to ensure that Digital Signage is a reliable solution for you and that the investment is profitable – which is why we will ensure that you are an integral part of planning.

Together, we will make sure you reach your target audience in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

EWQ Queueless Services

Free customers from queueing for shopping

Electronic shelf labels

Automatically updating and always accurate prices increase customer satisfaction

Digital Signage

The moving images of versatile displays guarantee high awareness for your message

Ease of use

Manage all your displays individually or simultaneously, locally or centrally, with the world's leading display content management tool Samsung MagicINFO.

Increase sales

Tactically placed bright displays with relevant and current advertising are guaranteed to affect the purchase decision.

Boost performance

No more hanging posters – content is displayed on all screens simultaneously, in real time or at preset times.

Influence buying behaviour

Take advantage of the strengths of digital displays, such as real time ad updating, and increased attention value of moving images or personalised messages displayed at different times of the day or week to create effective ad campaigns. By showing the right message at a crucial moment in the purchase path, you are guaranteed to make an impact.

Make your place of business attractive

Take advantage of the various inspiring ways to use Digital Signage and deliver meaningful experiences today’s customers have come to expect. Grab your customer’s attention with a variety of triggers to display unique and personalised messages, or create a completely new environment – you could even install an LED wall on the ceiling!

Displays for all your needs

Our products range from small information displays, to large LED or video walls and ultra-bright window displays – all high-quality Samsung displays. We start by identifying your needs so that we can offer the most appropriate display solution. Our professional design and installation processes guarantee that the results will exceed your expectations.

MagicINFO – Manage and analyse displays and content

MagicINFO provides an easy way to manage displays locally and centrally, create different playlists, and schedule content to be shown at the right time. You can even create content yourself with MagicINFO’s built-in editor! To get the most out of your displays, you can take advantage of the analytics MagicINFO collects about content impressions and impression times, such as when selling display space to different brands.

Comprehensive hardware management

With MagicINFO you can do everything you could do physically with a remote control, only much easier. Control multiple displays at the same time, from restarting to changing settings and software updates. In addition, you will always have a live view of the displays.

Create content yourself

Content production is no longer an obstacle when considering digital displays. MagicINFO contains a dedicated tool for easy content creation. Save time and money: you do not need an advertising agency for every campaign. You can create, change, delete and schedule content at any time.

Part of EWQ ZONE

Thanks to the compatibility of our products, you can also display queueing numbers on your DS screens in addition to your advertising thus ensuring its high visibility. Price and product information can also be transferred directly from your checkout system to the DS displays, seamlessly integrating pricing activities as all available information is automatically updated.


Repetitive and visible marketing messages at the most important moment of the purchase path affect purchase decisions and increase sales. A pleasant store environment makes customers spend more time in the store and more likely to return.
Pharmacies & health care
On-site digital displays provide clear guidance and make the customers’ visits easy and hassle-free. At the same time, the displays’ customised content makes the service environment more attractive and cosier, thus reducing the stress level of customers and making the experience more comfortable.
Hotels and restaurants
Updating your delicious lunch offers and menus onto digital displays is easy. Real-time information and dynamic offers, especially during lunch, attract customers and entice them to choose your restaurant over a competitor’s.
Real estate, construction & public services
Digital displays are an important part of the clear guidance needed in busy and congested environments. Guidance can also be combined with various types of information, such as the weather.
Financial and insurance services
The digital displays that create a brand’s image and showcase products also provide information about the queue. Clear communication also has a positive impact on the length of queue time experienced.

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