The three most important cornerstones of retail are customer service, sales and work efficiency. EWQ Zone has been developed to improve the most significant things for our customers and it combines three our solutions; queue management, electronic shelf labels and digital screens for advertising and information. EWQ Zone ensures that the prices are always the same on the shelves and at the checkouts as well as the efficient use of employees time. In addition, end customers are free from queues for additional purchases.

EWQ Queueless Services

Free customers from queueing for shopping

Electronic shelf labels

Automatically updating and always accurate prices increase customer satisfaction

Digital Signage

The moving images of versatile displays guarantee high awareness for your message


  • Always up-to-date price information

  • Same price on shelves and at checkout

  • Repeated marketing messages and the attention value of the moving image will drive sales

  • Working time is freed up for customer service and sales-enhancing functions

  • Customers are free from queues for additional purchases

  • Mobile queuing removes physical queues

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