The selection in the hotel and restaurant industry is wide and standing out is challenging. Now or ever, one should invest in menus with attractive images and up-to-date information and create the best possible brand image. EWQ Zone’s digital displays are the perfect solution for clear communication and sales growth, while electronic shelf labels ensure the right price information. The changed world is increasing the pressure to maintain safety distances, including in restaurants and hotel receptions. The EWQ Queue Management System ensures distances and eliminates unnecessary contacts.

EWQ Queueless Services

Free customers from queueing for shopping

Electronic shelf labels

Automatically updating and always accurate prices increase customer satisfaction

Digital Signage

The moving images of versatile displays guarantee high awareness for your message


  • Eye-catching communication from digital displays

  • Easy management locally and centrally

  • Dynamic advertising and pricing

  • Tailored ads at the right time attract impulse purchases

  • Fewer contacts and safe distances

  • Statistics, predictability & lead times from order to table

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