Sweden’s largest pharmacy chain.
Locations: 400



Effortless presentation of advertising and other information across Sweden and centralised management.
The implementation of the screens in the stores, from delivery to installation and support, went very smoothly.
Sales and operational development
Åsa Åberg

Used solutions


A large retail chain like Apoteket has a lot of variation in its campaigns and information depending on the region. With the versatile and flexible content management software that EWQ offers, Apoteket can smoothly and easily direct the material to the right screen. This enables the right message to be easily communicated to the right customer group! Since all screens can be controlled centrally, this frees up store staff to serve customers. The pharmacy also utilises the screens in staff areas. “Our need to be able to send out daily key figure reports per store and make them available on screen could be solved with DS screens” says Åberg.

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