We Are Serious About ESG

We rely on the fact that every single worker in EWQ take our principles of responsibility into account in every possible way to meet the high standards of the EWQ code of conduct. The cornerstones of responsibility in EWQ are positive and reliable customer relationship, excellent working atmosphere and the best available data protection. We have been promised to meet the carbon neutrality during the ongoing year 2020. We are controlling our recycling and subcontractors that they all meet our code of conduct requirements. We take care of our colleagues and take ESG seriously. It is part of the company’s strategy, which is approved by the board of directors.


The cornerstones of a responsible company

How are we able to identify a responsible company? We think the best way is simply to check if the employees of the company are feeling fine and are talking positively about their employers. Responsible company always offers a solution or solutions to minimize the pollution or decrease climate change. We in EWQ are producing solutions, which have zero emission or are otherwise minimizing the climate change. Our promise is to neutralize our carbon footprint and we have zero tolerance what comes to discrimination.

We think positive working atmosphere is the best sign what comes to good governance practices, high ethics and high ecological standards. When we have met all the criteria mentioned in our EWQ Code of Conduct we are more or less automatically one of the companies where people really enjoy working and co-operate with. We take responsibility for real and we are keen on developing us all the time further.
As a company EWQ is providing solutions, which lowers energy consumption, reduces spoilage and helps our customer to optimize their stock in their warehouses and also helps their efforts regarding online sales. We are reducing also our customers´ carbon waste together with costs. We think the healthy and happy co-worker is the key of success. We also meet the high standard of ethicality what comes to corruption in every way and we do not engage our partners in a way that do not meet the best business practices criteria and regulations.

We choose the client and subcontractor based on the responsibility analysis done during due diligence process. We start the engagement process if we notice that EWQ code of conduct principles are not to be met. We always try to solve the issue first and stop the co-operation immediately if the issue is not taken seriously and if the question, we are raising is not answered at all.


Active development cooperation with FIBS and other international institutes

We are doing concrete work regarding responsibility. EWQ has joined FIBS (Finnish Business & Society) and is doing co-operation with CDP:n (Carbon Disclosure Project), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), WBCSD:n (World Business Council For Sustainable Development) and other international institutions to develop our ESG processes further.

Responsibility is the most important part of our business strategy going forward. To really implement this into action take time and the work is never done completely. It relies on ourselves and everything we are doing daily at work, home or in between. We are all responsible for our future, this is something we are not able to postpone further any longer. We all are forced to take responsibility seriously, there is not an option available if you want to be a seriously taken and responsible partner to the customer.


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Sampo Brisk
Head of ESG


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