Installation, packaging materials & recycling

Our skilled and experienced technicians make our clients’ wishes a reality. We employ our own technicians as well as partners throughout the Nordic countries. We meet and train each of one our partners around our products. We are also developing a monitoring system to ensure the best possible installation results every time.

We have designed an ideal and optimised packaging method for each ticket machine to ensure that they arrive at destination undamaged. We only use recyclable materials in packaging. Our packaging plastic is made of recycled plastic and does not contain PVC. Our cargo-partner is committed to a variety of emission-reducing acts, including transporting goods using diesel made from waste and residue. For courier shipments, we always offset the carbon footprint of the shipment.

All our equipment is recyclable and we encourage our customers to recycle both old equipment and packaging materials correctly. Recycling instructions are always supplied with the new product. We also offer a recycling service where we recycle old equipment on behalf of the customer. Our certified recycling partner recycles electronic and metal scrap and delivers the materials to smelters for further processing, i.e. as industrial raw material for new products.