K-Supermarket Basilika

K-Supermarket Basilika, located in Nikkilä Sipoo, re-opened its completely renovated store at the end of August. Customers are now served in a more gorgeous and modern environment where digitalization is part of the customer experience. The digital display solutions provided by EWQ blend in with the stylish interior of the store and make it easier for clients to do shopping and for the personnel to work in a clear and informative surrounding.

Mikko Kontio, who started as K-Supermarket Basilika’s retailer in September 2018, feels that the cooperation with EWQ is excellent and professional. The Digital Signage solution introduced at the opening is contemporary and suites ideally to the K-Supermarket Basilika’s store. “The digital displays highlight the new modern look of our shop, especially in the fruit and vegetable department and at the service counter. I would like to recommend EWQ to others as well. Everything has gone according to the plans and user support has been quick!”

The main goal of the store renovation was to develop customer service to the highest level and to bring the shop to be best in the area. One of the cornerstones of excellent customer service is clear communication and especially price information. According to Mikko Ylitalo, K-Supermarket Basilica’s HeVi manager, the EWQ product displays used in the fruit and vegetable department have received a lot of praises from customers for being very clear. Displays are located close to the products, making it easy for the customer to see all the information they need; image, product name, price, possible campaigns and the scale number.

According to Ylitalo, the personnel has also been excited about EWQ product displays, which have made the HeVi department’s everyday life much easier. Price changes happens automatically on the screens and new products are simply scanned on to the screens without running between the store and the backroom. “EWQ product displays have made it easy to display prices / campaigns when you no longer need to print out paper labels. It’s easy to use, too,” Ylitalo says. Ylitalo would also recommend the solution to other HeVi departments, as printing their price tags has become a thing of the past, and the tags are no longer lost. They hope that in the future the entire fruit and vegetable department will be digital.

The delicacy service counter that clients appreciate has also received digital displays on its walls. The statutory origin information of fish and meat is now shown on the EWQ displays instead of time-consuming handwritten text. The data update is done in seconds on EWQ´s own web-browser interface, that is easy to use. Kontio says that the personnel have given good feedback on the usability.

Taking into account food trends and seasons are also topics that are part of a contemporary store. Kontio says that the displays at the service counter support this concept. "We want to stand out from our competitors by investing in the seasonal products and the displays at the service desk makes this possible. We are able to show videos and other seasonable material at the displays.

K-Supermarket Basilika will continue to focus on high quality customer service and a modern and functional store. The digitalization of the store also continues to support the store goals. Therefore, Kontio is already considering electronical pricing of the entire store, which would eliminate all incorrect price information, free staff from using paper labels and further increase the level of customer service quality and customer satisfaction.

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