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Wihuri Metro-tukku is one of Finland’s leading grocery wholesalers, with a network of express wholesalers covering the whole country. Wihuri Metro-tukku is part of the international conglomerate Wihuri.
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Improving the customer experience, developing electronic pricing, promoting sales targerts and providing up-to-date information to customers.
EWQ has been an important partner for us in our wholesale chain renewal and the opening of our new flagship store. EWQ’s digital solutions have helped us improve the customer experience and make it easier for our staff to work in our wholesalers.
Director of Assortment & Marketing
Emilia Santavuori

Wihuri Metro-tukku

Wihuri Metro-tukku is a wholesaler specialising in the catering sector, part of the international conglomerate Wihuri. The company has a total of 16 quick-service wholesalers throughout Finland, making it one of Finland’s leading wholesalers in the grocery sector.

The changing restaurant market has encouraged Metro-tukku’s reforms, which have focused on customer experience and digital channels, among other things. The renewal project, launched in 2023, focused on developing electronic pricing for wholesalers, as well as promoting sales targets and providing up-to-date information to customers through digital screens. Wihuri Metro-tukku chose EWQ’s electronic shelf label solution and NEWTON price displays and digital information displays as solutions.

EWQ an important partner in the reform of the wholesale chain

The wholesale chain modernisation project, launched in 2023, will affect 16 express wholesalers across Finland. The flagship store opened in autumn 2023 at Helsinki Konepaja was one of the most significant implementations last year.

“EWQ has been an important partner for us in our wholesale chain renewal and the opening of our new flagship store. EWQ’s digital solutions have helped us improve the customer experience and make it easier for our staff to work in our wholesalers”, says Emilia Santavuori, Director of Assortment and Marketing at Wihuri Metro-tukku.

ESL price displays as part of improving the customer experience

One part of the wholesale strores modernisation project was the development of electronic pricing. The old ESLs had reached the end of their life and there was a need for new, modern ESLs to improve product presentation and provide up-to-date price and product information. The solution was found in the form of an electronic price display system provided by EWQ and NEWTON price displays.

“The new electronic shelf labels have the same functionality as the old ESLs, which was important to us when we were looking for new solution”, says Jarkko Lifländer, Chain Manager at Wihuri Metro-tukku.

In addition to basic information such as product name and price, EWQ’s ESL solution allowed the introduction of many new value-added data. Now, ESL displays also include the scale numbers of fruit and vegetable products, which used to be displayed on separate sheets of paper, and a customised look for the promotional product, which is automatically updated when the product is on promotion. The campaign is highlighted with a red color and the display also shows the campaign’s expiry date. Both the scale number and the campaign layout reduce manual pricing for staff and free up time for customer service, for example.

According to Lifländer, EWQ’s ESL solution has improved the customer experience. Always up-to-date prices and price changes updated in seconds have a positive impact on the customer experience, as customers can be confident that the price at the checkout is still the same as on the shelf. It also makes life easier for staff when they don’t have to wait more than a few seconds for price changes and the system works reliably.

Digital signage promote sales targets

In addition to the electronic price displays, Wihuri Metro-Tukku also uses EWQ’s digital displays.

“Working with EWQ on the digital signage has been easy and flexible, with a range of ds-screens to suit us. Measurements, deliveries and installations have been agreed on a quick schedule for our sites, even though our Metro-tukkus are located all over Finland. We have also received support in choosing the right screen sizes so that they are optimised for the space available”, Santavuori tells.

Wihuri Metro-tukku wants to provide its customers with useful and up-to-date information about its services, assortment and competitive advantages, which has been made even easier by the addition of digital displays in its wholesale stores. The displays are located in key customer touch-point locations in the Metro-tukku, such as at the entrance and at the ends of the shelves, which was a new solution for the wholesalers.

“The displays located at the end of the shelfs are more effective in highlighting products when there is also a moving image. The digital displays promote our sales targets, support the customer service of our staff and also provide value to our stakeholders such as suppliers as part of our joint marketing communications,” says Santavuori.

In addition to wholesalers, digital displays are also used at Wihuri Metro-tukku’s administration and logistics centre in Vantaa, where it’s important to communicate current issues effectively, and at events.

“We have also taken advantage of our seamless cooperation with EWQ at events such as trade fairs. When a partner is involved early on in the design of the stand, it is easy to find the best solutions for the space together and to take digital signage into account when building the stand. Digital displays help us to enhance our communication and brand image objectives as part of the event,” says Santavuori.

All ds-screens are centrally managed from the headquarters of Wihuri Metro-tukku. The marketing department can easily maintain and manage the content and the wholesale promotional materials are now constantly up to date.

“The management of the digital screens and content production has been ensured together with user training to find solutions that work for us to ensure smooth daily operations and maximum use of the screen surfaces,” Santavuori tells.

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