Raw materials & domestic partners

Ticket machines are manufactured from stainless and cold-rolled steel, tempered glass and recyclable plastic. We always use top grade raw materials and will not settle for less. We take recyclability seriously, which is why our products do not contain PVC. Our equipment is almost fully recyclable and we also encourage our customers to recycle their old equipment.

Even the creations of the best designers will not come to fruition without partners. Our domestic partners have been a part of our journey for a long time, some of them from the very beginning since 1996. Uudenmaan Ohutlevy Oy is our most long-standing component supplier and a reliable partner. We value domestic production, and it is important to us to be a domestic employer.

Each participant in the production chain is important and deserves the same rights and respect. All of our partners endorse our principles of responsibility detailed in the EWQ Code of Conduct. We personally audit every company and confirm that the factories are located in Finland and that their operations are socially responsible.