Our new solution EWQ Product Displays are THE THING in retail right now!

26.02.19 - Our new solution EWQ Product Displays are THE THING in retail right now!

Scan your Digital Signage display’s barcode, scan your product. After this, all changes will occur automatically. Is there an easier way to maintain price and product information? No.

The EWQ Product Displays are a unique solution, developed by EWQ, for keeping your price and product information easily up to date. We have developed the solution in close co-operation with retail professionals and tailored it to their specific needs.

The EWQ Product Displays are being taken into use at a fast pace, all around Finland! We have installed our solution in over a dozen stores for the K Group. Especially the fruit and vegetable departments have been eagerly welcomed the solution: the everyday work is a lot easier when all price and campaign changes appear automatically to the displays.

Four reasons to choose the EWQ Product Displays:

  1. Adding/replacing the products to the displays is done with a portable and compact handterminal, eliminating unnecessary running back and forth.
  2. The employees only need to scan the correct display and the barcodes of the product or products that want to be shown.
  3. All information such as image, product information, scale numbers, campaigns with right layouts, will be updated directly and automatically from the POS, without any manual work.
  4. The logic and the tool are exactly the same as in Electronic Shelf Labels. This saves even more time and helps the employees’ everyday work.

The video below tells more than thousand words, so press play!