K-Citymarket Easton

The Easton Helsinki shopping center opened on October 26, 2017 at Itäkeskus  in Helsinki. The shopping center is built with a modern consumer understanding and digital services are strongly present in customer service.

EWQ was one of the biggest suppliers of digital entities. We delivered about 20,000 electronic price displays (ESLs). ESLs are tailored according to the department; In addition to the standard sizes, the service line uses larger labels to inform you of the offers and the dark theme of the beverage department is repeated on the layout of the ESLs.

There are also dozens of eye-catching displays in the store for showing price information and marketing as well as queue management systems at the service points.

“EWQ was the best choice for a partner, because we got everything we needed from one supplier; electronic shelf labels, digital signage and queue management systems. The cooperation was also very reliable. From the start, we knew the right costs and there was no surprise in the total amount of the invoice”,  K-citymarket Easton’s store owner, Mika Timonen, says.

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