Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a modern solution for efficient in-store communications, which increases sales, adds to the recognisability of your brand and steers customer behaviour. Whether consisting of smaller price displays or larger LED and video wall assemblies, our diverse Digital Signage solution takes your marketing and information content to the next level.

Digital Signage is ideal for advertising, guidance, image marketing and communications. Digital Signage allows you to keep your price information up to date and carry out dynamic pricing, as well as implement and schedule marketing campaigns in advance, improving and clarifying the functioning of your business.

Our latest innovation EWQ Scan to Pair is a solution for easy presentation of price and product information. Adding / replacing products can be done quickly and easily by scanning!. And, best of all, prices and layouts are updated automatically on your displays, including campaigns!

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Personalised and interactive Digital Signage content attracts customers’ attention in the right place, at the right time, making every message feel personal. Say goodbye to posters and invest in easy-to-use, environmentally friendly and adaptable Digital Signage, which you can control with just a few simple clicks. All the displays connected to the system can be controlled either centrally or locally, and they are easy to manage via a browser-based management tool.

Visually striking outdoor and window displays attract customers’ attention even before they set foot in your shop, while the displays inside guide customers and provide information on your new products, special offers and campaigns, facilitating their purchase decisions and thus increasing sales. Thanks to the intercompatibility of our products, our Digital Signage solution can easily be connected to our Queue Management System and Electronic Shelf Labels, making marketing a seamless part of your service package. The installation of the displays is carried out cost-efficiently and in accordance with your individual needs by our dedicated installation team. We will also happily design the content for the displays, tailoring it to complement your brand.

We want to make sure that our Digital Signage solution is a reliable and profitable investment for you.


EWQ Tuotenäyttö

EWQ Product Displays

A unique solution for keeping your price and product information easily up to date. Adding/replacing the products to the displays is done by scanning the displays' and products barcode with a portable and compact handterminal.

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Displays for all kinds of indoor communications.

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LED Signage

The latest technology on large surfaces with different viewing distances.

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Captivate viewers with excellent visibility and optimum level of durability.

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Smarter, faster and more efficient working with the help of digital flipcharts.

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Video Wall

A large and effective communications surface for indoor use.

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