Code of Conduct

EWQ (Eurosec Ltd.) is a company established in 1996 and we are privately owned. We are specialized in digital in-store communication and customer flow management. As an international service provider, we serve as a trendsetter in our field, helping customers increase their sales and profitability, with the help of our latest innovations and customer insight. We have delivered hundreds of thousands of displays to over a dozen countries, and our queue management systems are used by millions of people every day.

We offer an extensive range of solutions for businesses operating in different industries, as well as custom made solutions designed and executed according to customer specifications. We design and deliver queue management systems, Electronic Shelf Labels and Digital Signage solutions, taking care of everything from system design to installation and user training. Easy content management, product compatibility, and customized design make our solutions the best on the market. Our solutions enable companies to increase their sales and save costs while building a positive image for end customers.


Code of Conduct Principles

EWQ (Eurosec Ltd.) has adopted the principles of all the Finnish laws including UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, UN Global Compact and International Labour Organization Conventions and Recommendations relevant to improve working conditions including the rights of Freedom of Association in the whole supply chain related to our business. We do not allow any kind of discrimination in the working community including the whole supply chain.

We have implemented zero tolerance what comes to child labor, discrimination and human rights. Our board of directors have signed this updated Code of Conduct in the beginning of year 2020 and is completely committed to it.



We rely on the fact that every single worker in EWQ take our principles of responsibility into account in every possible way to meet the high standards of the EWQ Code of Conduct. The cornerstones of responsibility in EWQ are positive and reliable customer relationship, excellent working atmosphere and the best available data protection. We promise to meet the carbon neutrality during the ongoing year 2020. We are controlling our recycling and subcontractors that they all meet our Code of Conduct requirements.

We believe that good and positive working atmosphere is the best sign what comes to good governance practices, high ethics and high ecological standards. When we have met all the criteria mentioned in this document, we are automatically one of the companies where people really enjoy working in. We take responsibility for real, and we are keen on developing our company all the time.


Environmental Protection and Ethical Philosophy

As a company EWQ provides solutions, which lowers energy consumption, reduces spoilage and helps our customers to optimize their stock in their warehouses. We are also significantly reducing our customers´ carbon footprint as well as costs. We think we have succeeded as a responsible supplier, when our co -workers are healthy, and through that our customers are satisfied.

We also meet the high standard of ethicality what comes to corruption in every way and we do not engage our partners in any way that do not meet the best business practices criteria and regulations.


Carbon Footprint

We are neutralizing our carbon footprint calculated on a yearly basis. We are reducing our carbon footprint in every way and everywhere we can. We work ecologically, socially and economically. We are constantly striving to improve our resource efficiency by neutralizing the environmental impact of our operations. Our data center which is located in Finland uses energy produced at the nearby bioenergy plant. The datacenter has been awarded an ECOenergy certificate by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. We act responsibly towards our stakeholders and have motivated and constantly developing staff. Our aim is to become totally carbon neutral company at the end of 2020.

We are the first runner what comes to carbon footprint neutralization within our market area. We have started co -operation with Metsähallitus and their subcontractors to plant completely new forest in the Nordics (,


Surveillance and Monitoring

We assume our subcontractors will fulfill the criterias of EWQ Code of Conduct. We measure our own carbon footprint in real time, and neutralize the effect yearly. We constantly develop our carbon footprint measurement system and are happy to be one of the forerunners also in the future when it comes to environmental practices.


Occupational accidents

Occupational accidents are monitored and taken seriously in every business area we are operating in.


Data Protection

One of the cornerstones in our business is world class data protection. All collected and processed data meets and complies with privacy and information security laws and requirements.



We select our subcontractors and partners based on the responsibility analysis done during the due diligence process. If we notice that the EWQ Code of Conduct principles are not met, we will start the engagement process in order to solve the issues together.


Concrete actions regarding corporate responsibility

EWQ has joined FIBS (Finnish Business & Society) and is doing co-operation with CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), WBCSD (World Business Council For Sustainable Development) and other international institutions to develop our ESG processes further. Responsibility is the most important part of our business strategy going forward.


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